Problem with respawning enemies

Hey guys! I have been struggling with a weird issue. Im making a game with a glowing ball with a particle orbiting around it.When I kill it i managed to respawn it at a target location but It spawns it floating , the blueprints dont work-no behaviour , and the material isnt the glowy one but the default one.Feedback will be appreciated! Cheers!

Hi DImiture, how are you spawning it? With the SpawnFromClass node, or the SpawnAI from class node?
Can you provide a screenshot of the spawning code?

I managed to do it myself.Thanks for the reply! Good luck to you!

Great, glad to hear it worked out :slight_smile:

What was the problem/solution, out of curiosity?

I dont know actually ,i just made it so it doesnt die , it just teleports the ball in the origin location , lol !