Problem with replication using FirstPersonBlueprint

I’ve been trying to get the firstperson template to replicate the gun firing within multiplayer, for some reason the clients are showing as having authority as well as the server.

Better ask this in the multiplayer sub. Anyway, are you running the game as standalone? Be sure to run as listen server with 2 windows. Also where are you calling these functions from? Character BP?

This is being done within the rifle blueprint. I’ve tried it with both listen server. Only clients. For some reason it appears to not differentiate between server and clients but sees them all as having authority.

Hi, sorry for the delayed reply. I’m not the best with multiplayer but when you run something on Server, it will have authority. So what I’d suggest you to do is quantize the events into three parts:

  1. Event CustomEvent, which will call Server_CustomEvent
  2. Event Server_CustomEvent(Run on Server - reliable), which will call Multi_CustomEvent
  3. Event Multi_CustomEvent (Multicast - reliable), which will execute on both server + client(s).

So maybe something like this:

Let me know if this helps.