Problem with project!

Hi all! Today I decided to add a C++ code to my game, I’ve been working only with blueprints so far. So I went to unreal editor, clicked File -> Create C++ Class. I selected Blueprint Function Library (I wanted to create a custom BP node), gave it a name, and after I clicked “Create Class” I got an error that the project files couldn’t be generated. I closed the project, and tried to reopen the project. Another error appeared that I needed to rebuild my game DLL. I clicked to rebuild it, but I got the following error: DragGame could not be compiled. try rebuilding from source manually. Then I tried to delete the “Source” folder, hoping it will work. No luck however, the project will not open, and if I try to generate project files it says I don’t have a C++ class. I tried making a new empty project, and I was able to add a C++ and compile it just fine, but it my project something went wrong apparently. Any ideas what to do?

You can create a new project,copy your content folder and paste it into this new project.

Yeah maybe you killed something in your project … What engine are you using?

Thanks for your answers! I am using 4.10.4. I just did what Blue man said, and it worked. Thanks again!

I am glad you got it working :slight_smile: