Problem with Preserving Bin


I have a little problem with my new preserving bin:

Slot 1 cooked meat -> works = jerky
Slot 2 cooked prime meat -> not works

I’t works only with 1 Slot.

Any Idea?


Nobody has an idea?

Use the Reference Viewer to ensure you are updating all other relevant blueprints with your new recipe. The Preserving Bin blueprint itself, its Inventory blueprint etc.

Thank you for the answer.
Reference Viewer display all my items.
But it works for on stack.
If I put 2 stacks in the preserving bin it works just slot 1

On slot 1 works all items.
The original preserving bin works 2 different slots

What instance of the inventory are you using?

  1. Simply use the original inventory in your modded bin
  2. Use a child of the original
  3. Use a copy of the original
  4. Use the original but edit it from the “Components” tab of the bin

I used a copy of preserving bin without oil and sparkpowder

What does that mean? You’ll have to look at how the inventory works to find a solution. The “default inventory” is a list of items that can be auto crafted, as long as the ingredients are in there. If you’re saying that you removed oil and sparkpowder, well, those are ingredients required to make jerky. Sparkpowder you will find as fuel in your preserving bin BP, not the inventory.

I know…
It’s a new preserving bin that works only oil and sparkpowder…
Put cooked meat to him and he makes jerky on slot 1.

If I put cooked meat and cooked prime meat to him, works only the first slot.
Slot 2 is ignored…that is the problem.

I figures out if I use an PrimalInventoryBP as child it works perfect.