Problem with precomputed visibility and Level Streaming

I’m struggling with setting up PCV and Level Streaming together.

I have Base level that includes all meshes. It has PCV volumes.
I have also DM_Base level which is Deatmatch version of Base with player starts. I has Base Level Loaded as Always Loaded Streaming Level.
I also have TDM_Base level made in the same way as DM_Base.
All 3 levels have Precompute Visibility Enabled.

If I build lights/PCV on DM_Base, and then on TDM_Base, DM_Base stops working correclty.
If my camera is inside PCV cells, then meshes starts to dissapear and appear randomly when I move the camera.
It seems that building PCVs on DM breaks PCVs on TDM and vice versa.

Tried to copy PCV volumes from Base to DM and TDM, but it didn’t change anything.
Tried to uncheck Precompute Visibility inside Base, but it didn’t change anything.
Tried to untick “Use As Occluder” on all components that are DM and TDM specific, but also, it didn’t change anything.

Is using Level Streaming aka Additive Levels with PCV possible? If it is, what’s correct workflow to get PCV working correctly on both DM and TDM?

Still having that problem bump

bumps desperatly