Problem with physics Asset Car

Hi every One

How are you!

Friends I have a problem in physics for the car.

I’m grateful for your guidance


What is the problem?

I want to start a car moving
But there’s a problem related to the physics of the car you buy is marked
Now the car air
I would like the car engine itself
I appreciate your advice on how to make physics a car

Looks like you set the physics asset fine for now(you may need to raise the body’s bounds a bit more.) You can create the blueprints for the vehicle and tires now. If you don’t know how follow Epic’s tutorial series here;

It is easy to follow and will help you get your car up and running with basic settings.

Here’s the video


hard to tell in the video , but for the mesh & rig make sure all the axis are aligned Z = up & X = forward as shown in my ut3/udk vehicle videos its the same workflow just export via fbx

please change the name of the “root” bone as in my experience it can cause problems better to be safe than sorry

in the physics asset set the wheels to kinematic as shown in the Epic vehicle videos

if this all fails then please upload the content/assets so that we can check them