Problem with performance with GTX 1650 ti

Hello! I’m new to Unreal Engine and to 3D work in general. I’m a amateur filmmaker, so my focus us on video production and not games.

When I’m on even a blank level, my GPU runs at 30% most of the time, but 100% when I do much of anything. I constantly have these two errors:

Texture streaming pool over budget
Video memory has been exhausted

It was hitting constant 99% GPU usage. I did a clean reinstall of the latest NVidia drivers, which definitely helped.

I have a reasonably specced Dell XPS laptop:
i7 processor
Windows 11
Runs on an SSD
GTX 1650 ti with 4GB VRAM

The laptop has only USB C ports, and my monitors don’t have USB C in, so I run my monitor(s) using a Dell docking station with Displayport output. I’ve also tried it with a separate USB C to HDMI adapter, and just native on the laptop screen itself. Problems are the same regardless.

I know this isn’t an ideal machine, but I would expect it to be reasonably functional for what I’m doing. It’s taken everything else I’ve thrown at it, including some reasonably complex sequences in After Effects.

Here’s other things I’ve tried:

  • In Windows 11’s Graphic Settings, set Unreal Engine to use the GTX card
  • In project settings, set max framerate to both 60 and 30
  • Turned off Lumen

Any ideas for me? Do I just have the wrong hardware for doing this?

Thank you!

I dont know if youre running Unreal Engine 5.1, but if you enable nanite on all your textures, it really helps with performance. I always disable lumens.

But 4GB VRAM is sort of the bare minimum needed to run UE5 and do much of anything.

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This you can get rid of with a console command

r.Streaming.PoolSize 4000

( in your case )

But the other is just a boundary you’ve hit on the GPU.

I’ve got a 1600 with 6GB and I get this quite a lot. The only way to get rid of it is to restart.

It will happen more, the more different object ( and hence textures ) you audition. If you have an established level, restart and just open that, it should be ok.

Turning off Nanite and Lumen will just help the overall speed, but not much else.


Thank you both. Not surprised that my GPU is a limitation. What I have should be enough to learn a few things, figure out how much of this I really want to do.

I learned yesterday that external GPUs are finally a thing, so that’s cool. I’ll need to spend $600 or more, but that’s less expensive than a $2000 gaming PC.