Problem with PayPal Payment

This was my first time paying for content through PayPal, and I tried to pay, but it didn’t accept my payment. After three attempts, it accepted payment, but then I realized I had forgot to transfer funds to the account that I am supposed to pay from.

It must have been a technical glitch, and the download links did appear before I realized the problem, then I transferred the money to my checking account which is what PayPal is connected to.

As of now, the funds still have yet to be deducted from my rightful account. Could someone please fix the problem?

I checked PayPal, but it was recorded as a preapproved payment. Strange thing is, I am supposed to be using Visa Debit and not Visa Credit Card. No wonder my payment never went through.

I’ll have to send an email to the UE help and get this problem resolved.

Hey there!

You should contact marketplace-support@unreal and they should be able to help you with this. =)

Hi JonSea31,

If you could, please send us an email at I’m not sure if the error you are seeing is on our end or paypal’s but we can take a look. In the email, please let us know what specific steps you took, whether or not the purchase has been deducted from your account as of yet, and whether or not you have access to those files currently.