Problem with pawn´s forward vector in VR

The problem I think I’m having is that for some reason, the forward vector of my pawn doesn’t rotate, using the SDot_CharacterV2 from Archviz UI and Tools that epic gave away a few months ago. I think that’s the problem because actually the real problems I have are: on the one hand it works with 3DoF instead of 6DoF, so it causes motion sickness when using the VR. I tried enabling the “lock to hmd” option in the pawn´s camera, but it got worse. Now, the camera does move when I move my head, but it does it in another direction, so the motion sickness is terrible. Also, the camera is now on the floor, instead of being at my real height.
On the other hand, trying to use this tutorial Opening/Closing Door Tutorial Unreal Engine 4 - YouTube to open and close doors, when I use the LineTraceByChannel, and check it with the debug line, even though it is set to forward vector of the pawn’s rotation control, the ray always appears in the same direction, no matter where I’m looking.