problem with pause menu ( freezing)

Hello guys! soi have one little problem again i made the pause menu With these voice
1 resume
2 Option menu
3 quit to main menu
So when i use this pause menu everything is working fine but…
When i go to my option menu and i resume the game and after that i go again to the pause menu is not working ( is freezing all game session like is in pause)
for the option menu i used another widget.
This is blue print from my character
this is blue print from the widget Pause menu
this is from the option menu Widget 6bfcac16c628871d2ee1425fe457a69b07a335f5.png

So i’m very noob and if someone can explain me how to fix this problem i will understand from my error XD

nothing? XD

Anybody? XD

When you “close” (but actually just collapse) option widget, you create a new main menu that you close after, but the old one remains invisible. So at the second time you ask before pausing the game, “Is there main menu?” and, yes, it is, but still invisible.

I recommend you to completely change your logic.