Problem with Paint Vertices

i´m using ue4.6.1 since two days.
and now, i got i problem. (btw., sorry for my bad english, i´m a german)

I´ve created a Street in UE4 with a BSP Box.
After placing the texture on it and adjusting it with the Scale U and V values, i´ve converted the bsp model to sm to use the Paint Tool.

But with the Vertices Option i cannot Paint on it and the texture option is also not working :-/
With the texture option i can Paint but its not on the right position and i dont want to paint the texture because its repeating and also the painting.

i´ve setup the material like on some youtube videos.
Connecting Basecolor with Multiply and Vertex Color and Multiply with the Texture.

Hope you guys understand what i mean…
Sorry for my bad english :frowning:

Check this video: :slight_smile:

You also have to add more vertices to your meshes so that you can paint correctly -> it wont work very well when you use a small cube :slight_smile:

ok, can you explaine me, how to add vertices in ue4 ?

Either do it in your 3d program (e.g in blender you just have to press space-subdivide) or split your BSP brushes (select a edge-press “split” in the bsp edit mode) :slight_smile:

woohoo thx :slight_smile:

Its working