Problem with package launching using Wwise

Hi , I am having two issue with wwise with two different version of Unreal

While Using Unreal 4.25.4, the issue is that when I open a packagec project(I can package it without problem, just can’t open it), there is an error message saying "UE4 "Plugin Wwise failed to load because module ‘AkAudio’ could not be found"

I know there is already a post about it on but I don’t undestand the solution, here is why: I can’t find Project.Build.cs or build.cs I have a AkAudio.Build But I’m not sure this is what they are refering to. I also tried other solution like creating a cpp class which mwessed up my project even more

On the other hand while Using Unreal 4.24.3 this is what happen, if I dont create the loadbank node , the game has no sound, if I put it, the game crash. here is the first line of the error message : Unhandled Exception: EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION reading address 0x00000020

I don’t mind my project being in either version of Unreal so a solution to either of these problem is fine by me


Hey franktd,

Not sure if you manage to solve this by not or not, but is your project Blueprint-Only? I seem to remember having a similar issue a while ago that was resolved by installing the latest version of Visual Basic and converting the project to a C++ one. It’s been a hot minute since then though, sorry I can’t be more specific! Wwise can be finicky.

Good luck!