Problem with package for iOS

Hey everyone

I need you help. I had done all steps from [UE4 iOS][1], however i have some problemls.

  1. I can’t launch any level from launcher on iPhone 5c 9.0

  2. When i package to Windows 64bit the game work perfectly,it’s open, i can controll. However, when i package for iOS the UE4 can do it. So, ue4 is package for me .ipa, then i link it to iTunes, iTunes is adding it to Programm list. Then i making export to my iPhone and export is done good. But on next step i have problem. The iPhone can’t install the game. He just can’t install the game, it’s stops in this step.

So, i have no idea what shell i do. It’s be nice if someone will help me with that. Here some screenshot.


You need add Bundle ID of your certificate in Bundle Identifier field.

Replace YourCompany with your Bundle ID.

After replace you can see what your provision and certificate are Valid.

Try package, install and run againe.

ty mate, now it’s works. However the 1st problem still have.