Problem with Override Atenuation

I have a problem with the Override Atenuation, when I enable it works perfectly except that when my character / camera points towards that sound the volume is lower than when my character does not look at it or rather the camera of this, I do not know if I explain myself

It has come to me to activate the Override Atenuation to be at a certain distance, look at that sound not hear anything, turn and start listening to it, go approaching little by little watching it listen to it but very low and suddenly turn to not see it and hear it much louder than when I looked at it.

I tried everything, change the audio in case it was an individual problem with this and nothing, check the parameters to see if I had any wrong and nothing, until I tried to use this same sound in another project and surprisingly it works, then I have deduced that it is a problem with my current project

the thing is that I can not get rid of it because I have invested a lot of work in it and I would like to know if there is any way to know if I have played something in this project with respect to the audio that has deconfigured it and that is why the Override Attenuation does not work for me, unlike other projects in which it works for me.

Thank you very much for reading this billet and if anyone has any solution or idea is appreciated a thousand