Problem with [OnlineSubsystem]

Right, to start off i am currently developing a battle royale game that will of course have players joining the same session as other players when a game is being hosted. This is the basic setup of the battle royale. For some reason and i will have screenshots below, my code seems to be fine but when i for example have player 1 click play to start hosting a game, then have player 2 to click play so player 2 can join player 1 it will not work. The player 2 will start its own game and im not to sure why. I have tried pretty much everything you can think of. From debugging to actually packaging the game to exe and running it as admin to see if my firewall is blocking it. Please help me figure out why i am not able to use the simple [OnlineSubsystem]

The OnlineSubsystem code i did for the DefaultEngine.ini is here: