Problem with new engrams ("Learn engram" nothing happend

I have a Problem with a Mod, i Add Additional engrams and Struktures but you cant learn the engrams … they are free to learn but when i click on “Learn engram” nothing happend

This is happening for singleplayer now right (downloading your mod now to see what is going on)

I just downloaded your Mod and I’m not having any problems with it. It seems to be working perfectly fine, learned every one of the gates no problem, building them now.

Sorry, after more testing, I noticed that a few of the gates were being learned, but I could not find the engram to build them. Also, I am not seeing any “free” engrams, all of them have a cost attached.

Ok after 2 Updates today it worked (i testet them but they dont work because the Server was not updatet)

i not realy know if it was the Statik Mashes that i made for every gate alown or the engrams that i made new (childs of the original) but now it work on Servers Yeha

Non of my gates is for free ;D but they are all very cheep + if you delete a Mod you get all engams you used in it back

Fantastic man, glad it’s back up and running now :smiley: