problem with my logic or flow of my blueprint?

hi :slight_smile:
i have a problem at the time of update a variable y attach a image for more infoā€¦
so what i want is get the life of all my archer and civilians and put it in a variable called max life, this variable will sall me how much life i have for all my populationā€¦
and when a enemi atack me modify mi Current Life variable but no modify My Max Life until some archer or civilian dieā€¦
where im failing is a the moment of update mi current lifeā€¦

example some enemies attack me and substract life to my current lifeā€¦ but when i buy a archer or civilian it reset the life to all the life of archer and civilian
let say the life of a archer is 100
let say if i have 2 archer = 200 lifeā€¦
some enemie atacck 200-50(damage) = 150life
buy some archer current life wwill be like 3*100=300-50 dagame= 250 current life
but what happen is in set all life to 300 instead of 250

i belive is something in the way i seting and updating my current lifeā€¦ and or my max lifeā€¦ but my logic is on vacations =/

its not a profecional game is just practice
sorry for my bad english and mathsā€¦ and logicā€¦ :slight_smile:
thank you all

Make things simpler. Why is VidaGeneralUpdate on a timer? Also show more of the 2nd image.

I would have every click spawn event add to Maxima and General, if those are supposed to be maximum and current.

hi thanks for the answer i added new images
my problem is that i dont know where or how update
the current healt whitout adding to it the max healt
thanks :slight_smile: