Problem with my character in 2d Paper


I begin in Unreal and i want to do a little game. The principle is the main character can take the controll of object who he meet. So first i do that for a little box. The bluePrint work when place 1 box on scene but when i place 2 box the second box not working. Why ? i dont’ understand.

The game is :

When I press A i become a box.
if i am a box and i presse E I become the player.
All work on the fisrt box but the second bug she doesn’t unhide and she doesn’t have collision.

Sorry if my english is bad ^^

I strongly advise you to move you Tick logic to the KeyPresses instead, per tick you are doing a lot of work that isn’t necessary and will be tricky to debug. Rather do the switching when pressing A, E.
You could consider creating Pawns for the things you can become since you can possess a pawn.
With regards to the second box issue, this is likely because your are not using the object from the Overlap events (which I assume is the new object you’d like your character to become), but it is hard to tell by only seeing these few screenshots.

Hey, i try to create Pawn but the Input key doesn’t work. do you have the solution pleas ?

Have a look at these

Thank you very much, i work all day and i finally reached to posses a sprite but i can’t unpossed it how do that ? in find nothing on web

Hi, you just possess something else, keep a reference to your main pawn and possess that again.