Problem with my board game

So I was doing a japanese chess board (it’s like chess but 9x9) but my board just stays at 8x9.

What can I do to alter it? Some pics:

Thanks and sorry for the dumb question!

anyone ;-;

In your for-loop you have set the last index to 71, which gets it executed 8x9 = 72 times. So simply set it to 80, which will execute it 9x9 = 81 times.

lol It was an error like this, i thought it was with a problem with division :mad: Thank you very much! My last question: Iv’e putten my pieces in the board, but for example, how can I say for the rook to rotate 180º in the opposite side?

For example: Imagine my rook is pointing towards the enemy in one side, but in the other side it goes the same direction, the face of the piece is not facing the enemy.

Thank you and it’s my last question x)

I’m not sure if I have understood your question correctly. Do you want the black and white figures (speaking of chess) to look in opposite directions? Then you can simply turn either all white or all black figures by 180° around the z axis in the editor. Or, if you are spawning them via a Blueprint, you need to add a rotation to the spawn transformation. Does this answer your question, which I have hopefully understood?

Thanks, I’m just a noob trying to understand this, sorry for the odd questions.