PROBLEM with: Multiple Trigger Boxes / Sound at Location

Hello everyone

I’ve been looking for a good solution for 2 days now - but haven’t been able to find anything useful yet.

What I want:

  • When my character walks past location X, sound 1 (a scream) should be played (the sound should be 3d).

  • When my character walks past location Y, sound 2 (confused thoughts) should be played (the sound should be 2d).

My solution approaches:

  1. trigger box with corresponding programming in Level Blueprint
  • Problem 1): I can only connect one sound and the corresponding triggerbox (location) to the node “On Component Begin Overlap”. If I try to add another one, it gets renamed to “CustomEvent” and wont work.

  • Problem 2): When I create a new blueprint where I can create multiple “On Component Begin Overlap” nodes, I cannot insert the trigger box location into the blueprint. Which means that both sounds are played at the same time and the trigger boxes are ignored.

→ if I use only one trigger box, everything works fine.

  1. put sound in level and trigger it with attenuation
  • Problem 1): The sound only plays if I select “Play from here” within the falloff distance.
  • Problem 2): I can configure a sound correctly. However, as soon as I try this with 2 different sounds (2 different attenuations), nothing works at all.

Im sorry if there’s already a solution to this problem or if I just forgot something. Thanks for your help!