Problem with multiplayer using Advanced Locomotion


I know Locomotion Advanced V4 is not supported for multiplayer but I think still must be display two characters. Two window open, moving is possible but the picture is not possible to display.

I got return:
Server logged in
Play in editor total start time 0,065 seconds.
Client logged in
Play in editor total start time 0,141 seconds.
Only Local Player Controllers can be assigned to widgets. ALS_Player_Controller_C_1 is not a Local Player Controller.
Blueprint Runtime Error: “Accessed None trying to read property ALS HUD”. Blueprint: ALS_Player_Controller Function: Execute Ubergraph ALS Player Controller Graph: EventGraph Node: Add to Viewport

Please let me know how can you help me. Thank you!

Problem is with PlayerCameraManager1 because location is 0.00 and PlayerCameraManager works. I need replicate PlayerCameraManager?

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dude did you find the solution ?