Problem with Moveto selecting 'Object' key

Hey all,
im having problems with move to …

looking for a definitive answer- im at a game jam and had a bug with . I was using this as a work around because my Move To function in my tree can only move to a vector ‘destination’ or a thing that unreal inserted called ‘self actor’ that i cant seem to change. i cant select ‘enemykeyID’ in the drop down of keys or any other Object key.

i recreated this bug on the shooter bot tutorial. if i even look at the drop down menu for available keys for there moveTo command it will deselect ‘Enemy’ and not be able to select it again.

Anyone had any experience with this? is it the engine? or something in my settings?

Yeah, I just had the problem, after looking at the code a little bit, seems like it’s because the MoveTo (and several other tasks) are now applying a filter, which now only takes the blackboard key that’s restricted to the Actor type (which makes sense since it will require the location info from the actor). To make your key usable you must go to your black board, select your key. Look at the property window, and expand the “Key Type” property where you can see there’s an additional “Base Class” property, which you should set to Actor to make your key usable for MoveTo.


Great response! Thanks a ton :slight_smile:

Totally fixed it, thank you!