Problem with montage animation

When my character is running and I press the change weapon animation button it plays the animation but the legs stop and the character sliding in the scenario. how fix this?

Thank you.


Looks correct. Does it work when you directly connect the Layered blend per bone with the Final Animation State? :slight_smile:

Have you been able to fix this, i know the solution, reply if you hadnt fixed it

Just post the solution -> other community members might need it now :smiley:

Ok, Gamingkiwi1.
How do I fix this, please!


Can Anybody help me? I can’t do my character play the anim montage without sliding stopped legs.

I dont know if it will solve your problem, but check if you have done everything like in this video -> - YouTube

I was not able to reproduce this with my anim files. If you’d like me to take a look, you can send me your files via PM or a drop box link and I’ll do what I can to resolve the issue. -Steve

Well it should work but I don’t see how it could based on the animation migration from the locomotion state to the final output. :wink:

There are two types of animation states.

  1. Absolute
  2. Additive.

An absolute means that the animation will play verbose from input to output, which is what you want for the locomotion state, and anything else added to the locomotion has to be layered as an additive and in most cases using a Layer per bone, as you have done for the montage.

Where the hiccup is your plugging you additive (per bone) into an absolute (aimoffset) and in effect canceling the blending of the required additive.

Here is what your final output should look like.

To fix it just make another Layered Pre Bone (or just a copy off of the montage) and plug the montage layer into the now aim off set layer and the two should now be an additive as to the final out put.