Problem with modular character and morph targets


I have a simple modular character where the head is separate from the body.

I have them set up correctly in the character blueprint, using the SetMasterPoseComponent node and it all works well when animating the character.

I have facial expression morph targets set up on head mesh. There are no morph targets set up on the body mesh.

The problem is that when I set any of the morph targets on the head, the body gets all messed up.

Does anyone know what causes this and how it can be fixed??



i know its 2 years old, but anyway. who knows who else have this issue, right?
anyway i mostly have the same issue. idk yet what the problem is.

i guess you have the head as main asset and the body as child asset?
if you try it the other way around (also switch SetMasterPoseComponent inputs) and it will work. but you morph targets will not work anymore, cause the body will have no morph targets.

i had another situation, where my morph target worked, but the facial bones did not work. i still investigating. i let you know, if i have some news.

It might be that using the set master component make it so that the morph influence is on both, moving the corresponded vertices on each one, even if the body does not have any morphs, but since they’re “put together” using the master component, UE4 assume that the morph need to be applied on both.

thanks for your quick answer. i also think this yes. i tried both ways now.

Face as Master = weird results on body
Body as Master = no facial animations, but morph targets works.

You are better off combining the mesh in that case.

However, this seems highly unlikely being that Fortnite utilizes morphs and separate heads.

a possible alternative solution would be to make sure the the body contains the same morph targets with no data, that way they can’t possibly react randomly.

Allright i fixed my Problem. It was serveral problems. My facial animation was exported to a wrong skeleton, that fits to ue4 skeleton, but was different to my chars.
another issue was, that the “other skeleton” was also on some cloth skm’s. so this was the reason why my cloth had strange behaviour and my character too.
both had different skeletons, that based on ue4 mannequin. so both ways it was broken of course.

overall now my correct setup is face as master and body as child (right now). iam done for today and will test more tomorrow. but i think this is fixed for me.

edit: morph targets we’re all good. i will test tomorrow if i need the morph targets on the cloth mesh, but i guess no.

final edit: yep everything seems to work.