Problem with Mobile Patching

I used the feature of “Blueprint Library for Mobile Downloading/Patching” in 4.14 for mobile patching but the patching function don’t work.

My step is :

1.Follow the Mobile Packaging Wizard,create two profile.

2.In the release profile,Select all maps(one empty map,used to download DLC,one is test scene map),and run it. Then install the game apk on mobile.

3.Modify some material in test scene map,and save it.

4.In the DLC profile,select test scene map,and run it.Copy the Httpchunks folder to server.

5.Run the game in mobile, the download, install, mount process all successed,but the scene is not changed. I set the DLC pakorder to 105,but nothing changed.

If my step is wrong,please tell me how to do mobile patching. I know the way to patch for windows platform,but not clear for mobile platform. Thanks for help.