Problem with mixamo fbx import on 4.11

Hi,I’m trying to import a mixamo character, and the result is not pretty

Any ideas what went wrong / how to fix?

Did you export the character (with some dummy animations maybe), and at download panel picked FBX for Unreal Engine, ticked?

Yes (“fbx for unreal engine 4.0” IIRC).

Since Adobe took over, Fuse/Mixamo is broken and unusable for Unreal.
They inserted secret code which mutates any character to a zombie. :wink:

It’s a 4.11 thing. Works fine in 4.7


Why the long face??? :PPP

You are not alone i have them too :smiley:
Just open them in an external 3dtool and edit them there before inputing in ue4.

Hi lordGoldemort,

You can easily fix this problem by opening your body material and changing its Blend Mode from Translucent to Opaque.

Thanks - that’s done the job @Valkanesco!