Problem with migrating content and switching engine versions

Hey, so I’ve got this project the crashes my computer. It’s in 4.19. Now, 4.18 projects run fine so I’m trying to make a 4.18 version of it but when I right-clicked on it and switched engine versions, that didn’t work because it said the map file was made in a later version so it can’t open it (which kinda defeats the purpose of having the option to open it in an older version). So I tried migrating my content over from the editor to a new blank 4.18 project, which it says it’s completed successfully but everything’s missing when i look through the folders in-engine of the 4.18 project. Don’t get me wrong, they’re there in the windows folders but not in the editor. :\ Please help. I need to finish this project somehow.

The assets are “missing” in your 4.18 project because assets saved on a newer UE4 version cannot be loaded on prior versions.

ue4 isn’t backwards compatible, if you want assets from a higher level engine, you will have to export them from 4.19 and import them into a 4.18 project. that works for all art assets, for blueprints, you could probably open each one in 4.19, select all the nodes and copy them, open your 4.18, create a duplicate blueprint and paste the nodes into it. then just right click on missing variables and click create.

edit: it would probably be much faster to just resolve the error your 4.19 project has

That would be the preferable solution but I don’t know where to begin. There’s no crash report. My screen just goes black and my computer becomes unresponsive no matter what keyboard shortcut I try. So I have to manually restart my computer each time.

This only happens with this 4.19 project though (or maybe any project in 4.19, i haven’t been working on others) but 4.18 projects don’t cause this and my computer never crashes when running other programs (like Photoshop for example, I can work in that for hours and not have an issue) so it’s definitely something to with this but I don’t know where to begin to look for a solution.