Problem with meshes exported from ue4

Right now I’m optimizing my Android project and cobining meshes into one mesh (every mesh is unique so I think it would be better to have fewer but bigger meshes and less drawcalls). So I cobine meshes by selecting them, converting to static mesh and then export as fbx. The problem is that in blender stuck on unwraping even if it’s two combined meshes, I tried to wait but after 10 minutes nothing happened.
Did I miss something? How to export meshes from ue4 correct?


Your logic for reducing the number of draw calls is sound but I am not sure about your method for achieving it. If you had 4 objects with one material each, and therefore one draw call each, combining them into one big mesh is still 4 draw calls, one per material. So unless all your pieces are sharing the same material, or you are able to remove some materials during the combination of the meshes, I am not sure you are going to get the results you want.

I can’t tell what you specific UV issue is because there isn’t enough detail but I can tell you some things that you need to take into account.

  1. Unreal is going to convert everything into triangles, which means extra edges and vertices that you don’t necessarily need in blender. You can try to remove these by going into face select mode and doing CTRL-A to select all faces and then ALT-J to convert tris to quads.
  2. Unreal can often create a lot of doubles, which will make it difficult for Blender to unwrap it. You can try to get rid of as many as possible by selecting everything in vertex select mode and do Tools > Remove doubles with a small value
  3. There will be a set of textures for each individual mesh, blender needs to know about all of these textures if you want to unwrap properly. If you are exporting meshes that have been pulled out of a kitbashing kit you won’t have access to those textures, so I don’t know how you intend to combine them. This is only an issue if the textures have a “painted” base colour texture. If the texture is procedural, it is less of a worry, especially if it is a seamless tiling texture.

I think it would be a much better idea to export the pieces you want to combine individually, preferably with the textures you want. Then combine them in blender. You will be able to position everything more accurately that way anyway. Then, if you have the original textures, you can rebake them all onto one big texture atlas inside blender.

Hope that helps