Problem with mesh

I have problem with this mesh.

PS. sorry i dont know why this picture is so small

it looks like your models normals are flipped, you need to recalculate or flip them in your modelling app.

Ok. I’m working in 3ds max. How can i recalculate this? I use spline then i use lathe modif to create that column.

Next problem :

I’m newbie in U4, so please bo forgiving. How i can set pivot point to my mesh? In this picture u dont see it.

Add a Normals modifier in 3ds Max, and it has an option to flip normals.

For your pivot, the pivot will be at 0,0,0 so when you export to UE4 make sure to move your object to 0,0,0 so that the pivot will show up the way you want it to in UE4.

Thank you for answer, but i still have problem with pivot. When i place my mesh in 0,0,0 my pivot is still in another place.

PS. i dont want create next threat so i post here.

My next problem is collision. In this mesh i have stairs. How can i create better collision? As you see i use max accuracy and max hull, but this net is very bad.


Make sure you reimport to UE4 after adjusting your object in 3ds Max

If the generated collision isn’t what you want, then you’ll have to do it manually in 3ds Max, check the documentation on how to set that up.