Problem with material IDs changing order in the editor

Let’s say i have asset in 3ds max with multisub material with 10 submaterials. Asset itself is using (for now) only IDs 1, 3, 5. When i export it to UE I can assign materials to coresponding Element IDs. Everything is fine.
If i add another ID, let’s say 7, all is still ok because new material slot is added as last Element in the asset’s detail panel.

However, if i add another ID, in this case it’s 2, then all my materials in the editor are in wrong order, i have to reassing all the materials because last added ID (2) sits between IDs already present in the asset.
Is there a way or workflow how to avoid this problem? It’s becoming very frustrating.

You can’t avoid the thing…your IDs 1,3,5 in 3DSMax are not imported in UE4 this way. Like you saw, in UE4 your ID n°1 is 0, your ID n°3 is 1 and the n°5 is 2. It will work correctly as you mentionned in you create a new ID after the 5th BUT you will have to re assign if you want something between 1<>3 or 3<>5, no way :wink:

On the other hand, in 3DSMAX, you can easily and quickly assign or reassign IDs…do it in ‘Polygon’ selection mode, select 1 poly and then select all the polys with the same ID quickly under the - Polygon: Material IDs tool…


not exactly what i wanted to hear, but i appreciate the help. Thanks!