problem with Marketplace product, "ScfiWeaponsLight"

I have a question hopefully someone can help me with.
I purchased the Scifi Weapons Light pack from the unreal Market place.
They are very nice and well put together but I ran into a little problem.
The particle system that is activated every time the weapon plays the rifle Fire animation is always pointing the same direction, it’s not pointing in the opposite direction of the gun like I’m sure it shroud. The blast particle system has a direction it’s facing, and no mater which way the gun is going it always seems to fire the particle system in the same direction.
The particle system is set up as a notify in the animation.
Can someone help?? Ho do I get that particle to work correctly, I figured it would always face the wway it should on its own considering everything else worked correctly…

Can anyone help me with this?? How can I get the particle system to always face the opposite direction of the gun if it’s a notify to the animation???

I’m still confused about this.
If there’s anyone someone that has it knows how I could rotate the particle system? Is it because it’s a notify?

I had this problem too. Edit the muzzle flash particle. Under Core Mesh, select Init Mesh Rotation, then check Inherit Parent under the Rotation tab that comes up.

I’ll try this asap!