problem with making the modified metal ingot

so maded a child of metal ressource and a child of metal ingot and puttet the metal ressource under the base crafting ressource requriment but when i put the child metal ressource in the furnace is only giving me the old metal ingot and not the modified one anyone know how to do that

there is probably some kind of Emitter that you will need to edit to link the new metal with the ingot, the best way to look for that info is to pull up the metal parent bp and check and see what all the default data is, then bring up the metal ingot and check that. It also may need to be linked to the furnace as well, so make sure to check the furnace BP as well.

i think is probaly have something to do with the refinery inventory bp but i can’t find a place to put it in the refinery structure BP and remap doesn’t work for that i guess

Finally figured this out while trying relentlessly to get my custom mortar and pestle to have my custom resource engrams in the inventory. First off, do not attempt to make a child for the mortar and pestle or inventory BP. They need to be dup’d. In order to actually get the mortar and pestle (or any crafting stations base BP) to reference its inventory BP, when you open the dialog to edit the asset, go to components in the top right corner. In there add a new component (“Add Component” in list on left) and add the primal inventory BP for your crafting station (ex. primalinventoryBP_MortarAndPestle_Child_C). Once this is done, make sure to check the references of the base BP for your crafting station. It should reference the inventory BP now. Your custom resources can be children however, as long as the engrams are remapped in the PrimalGameData_BP(cutsom). Hope this helps and also helps anyone who has this problem in the future.

You are close there are a few things you need to do, and one of them is create a whole new furnace

When you create a new item, you are actually creating a new recipe and not an item, the item is just a biproduct of the recipe, those new recipes cannot be made in vanilla structures, so if you wanted to tweak the forge you actually need to;

  1. Create a new item|recipe and make it a child of what you want to duplicate IMPORTANT
  2. Create a new forge, item, structure, engram
  3. Remap the old forge to your new forge in the engrams
  4. Remap all the old recipes, crafting requires inventory (gasoline is the only other forge one I believe at this point)
  5. Create a new inventory & remap default items, remote add only items & default engrams
  6. Remove all forges from the world, warn players on your server not to use the blueprints they find in the world, or go through and change all loot caches too (while your at it, stop level 60 drops from linking to level 25+35)

Warning If you did not make your new metal a direct child of the old metal, you need to recreate every single recipe, engram and structure in the game that uses metal, including the drops from dinos and loot cache

i duped the forge and the inventory and linked them too each other all my ressources is maded as child but when i place the new one forge is just disapear
i had duped placement structure placer bp and player controler added the new forge too placement structure bp added placement structure bp to player controler added player controler to gamemode and it still disapear when i place it

When you dupe a BP the values are aligned to the parent that the original BP is parented to. For example, the mortar and pestle BP’s original parent is StructureItemContainerBP. So when you dupe the mortar and pestle, the values are reset to the values of StructureItemContainerBP. In order to make sure it works as the original did (in terms of placement), open the editor for the assets of the original forge (do not edit it!) and open the editor for the assets of your dup’d forge. Go through the entire editor for your dup’d forge and put the values back to what the values of the original forge BP are. As for duping the placement structure BP and player controller BP, I don’t believe that is necessary. Here’s how I got mine to work. I made children of all the resources that are made in the mortar and pestle, dup’d the mortarandpestleBP and primalinventory_mortarandpestle_BP. Made a child out of primalitem_mortarandpestle_BP and engramentry_mortarandpestle_BP. All the values in the mortarandpestleBP and primalinventory_mortarandpestle_BP were changed back to what the values of the original BP dup’d from were. All the other are children so they do not have to be changed, except for any new values you want to give them. From what you described, it sounds like there was something wrong in the placement section or one of the mesh sections for the forge structure BP. Hope this helps you get it working.

i got it too working now ty for the help :slight_smile: just a question does any of you know why the remap dinodeathharverstingcomponenet not seems to work?

Did you redo all of the DinoDeathHarvestingComponents? If you only did one or a select few, then they would only apply to specific dinos. For example, DinoDeathHarvestingComponent_Huge only applies to Rex’s and Spino’s.

i modifed the meat and the other ressource and remmaped all of them

Did you put the new DinoHarvestingComponents in the Resource Remap array as well?

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i think is a problem with dev kit if none of you had got it to work

I’m at work so I can’t look up what each of those references. Problem may be that for each one every item that could be dropped needs to be redone, similar to crafting structures. If you have already done that then each dino may have to be modded. I haven’t attempted custom dino drops, but looking at this I may give it a shot. May take awhile since my free time is sparse during the work week.

I got home and started looking at this. I’m about to test this out, but what you can try is taking out the dinodeathharvestingcomponent_base_BP_UKW from the remapped harvest components, delete it from your mod, parent all the other dinodeathharvestingcomponent BP’s to the original base. You will have to put all the original values back into them after you reparent them, which will be time consuming. I’m going to do a small test for the small dinodeath and see if it works. Let you know.

Tested with the dinodeathharvestcomponent_tiny_BP. Had to parent to the dinodeathharvestcomponent_base_BP and create children of all the dino character BP’s it referenced (dilo, dodo, and dimorph). The harvest components, such as dinodeathharvestcomponent_huge_lesskeratin_BP and others that have more behind huge, large, medium, small, or tiny, actually need to be reparented to your custom dinodeathharvestcomponent. Example: dinodeathharvestcomponent_huge_lesskeratin_BP_(custom) needs to be reparented to dinodeathharvestcomponent_huge_BP_(custom). Remapped the harvest component under remap harvest components and remapped the characters under remap NPC’s. You do not have to make each item it drops unique. I only referenced my custom meat and left the hide as the original and it does work. To do all of them will take a bit of work.

it works with the new item remap thank god now i dont have to do all that work :stuck_out_tongue: