Problem with making a custom collision

I’m trying to make a door frame and Unreal Engine’s auto generation for collision is terrible. So I decided to research other methods and came across a method where you would roughly sketch another object around your object and name it UCX_“namehere”. When I import it into unreal engine it works so I don’t see that collision object which is good but the collision is still nowhere how I wanted it to be. (auto generate collision is off when i import the model).

original model: Screenshot - f1902e871b3e5fa01eec7623a476e98a - Gyazo

collision box: Screenshot - ea794c891c59e27693307bb9d7ebb68e - Gyazo

unreal engine when imported: Screenshot - aac3c3a4060cf3e6ce8b62ad26c213ca - Gyazo the purple wireframe is the collision

Can anyone see what the problem is? Because no one else seems to be having this issue.

Unfortunatly the convex limit also affects custom. You should check “Use complex geometry as collision”, I’m wondering if there is any way to use that “complex geometry” from the UCX_ mesh.

The “collision box” screenshot does not show any convex form. Convex shape look like this () not like this (< - You have to split up your collision to convex forms (using Space and typing “Convex” in edit mode of Blender). You could name them UCX_mesh1_00 UCX_mesh1_01 UCX_mesh1_02 if you need more than one mesh. But your mesh looks like some UBX_mesh1_00, … would be better (using a few boxes) because boxes are simpler.