Problem with Main Menu Music

Hey guys,

I am working on a main menu with a music playing in the background.
I am using a widget as overlay over an empty level.
The the widget blueprint is attached to this post.

The problem: For the music I used an animation with just Audio ( in the BP its music#).
It starts on constructing the widget so immediatly as the level starts.
As I press the Play button ( onclicked(playgame) ) its creates another widget ( Map ) as loading screen.
The next level (level001Penth) gets loaded via streaming. When fully loaded the loading screen disappears.
As one can see in the BP I added a stop animation node after the removefromparent node wich disables the main menu widget.

              But it just wont stop!
              The music/animation will play into the next level. 
              And its not just that. I cropped the music to about 10 seconds inside the animation. In the menu itself it plays perfectly. It loops as it should and plays just the part i cropped. 
              But when i press playgame the music plays into the next level but uncropped!

I am pretty sure I have made some stupid mistake rather than this being a bug.
As i am still pretty new to UE4 I hope you can stop Laughing about my BP :confused: and send some help.

Thanks in advance