Problem with main character mesh showing up

I was working on my game last night, specifically on a combat system. I was trying to create a weapon BP that contained range, damage, and other variable and apply it to the weapons the character uses. All of a sudden when I went to test the game out, my character has vanished. I can still control an invisible actor, move around, jump, attach and unnatach equipment but instead of going onto the skeletal socket, the items bunch up in the middle of where the actor should be. Any ideas on what I must have messed up for this to occur. I have been looking over my project for two hours now, tinkering trying to find this. Any suggestions appreciated. Image attached of what my actor looks like (no mesh just items that should be equipped)

This is likely a draw distance issue, if you zoom in, your character mesh reappears. Not entirely sure where to change the draw distance for skeletal meshes (check the asset mesh panel settings first), currently not in PIE.

The thing is I have not zoomed out, this is how far away my third person camera is. I was not editing draw distance settings at all either so I dont think this is the issue. Even when I switch to first person mode, I would be able to see the arm of the character when attacking, that doesnt happen and the camera is only inches away. Any other ideas?