Problem with look around movement after interface.

I’m having a problem with a menu I’ve created.
What I’ve set up is that when I press ‘m’ the menu (a widget blueprint) appears and when I press it again the menu disappears.

The first problem is that when I open the menu, I have to click once first to use any of the menu, as in the first click does nothing.
The second problem is that after I have closed the menu, my character cant look around unless I click. This is an issue as the act of clicking executes and attack when the player may not want to attack.

Is there any known fix for this? Any help is appreciated.

Try having a look at the “Focus” group of nodes.

Set User Focus
Set Keyboard Focus
Set Focus to Game Viewport

These nodes should help you with your problem.

That is exactly what I’m looking for, thank you! Closing the inventory now works fine but I cant figure out how to set the focus to the inventory widget when I open the inventory. The “set focus” node doesnt have an execute pin. Any tips?