Problem with Location Detection!

Hello, I’m trying to stop actor from being moved past 2 locations. But It’s not working now for some reason.


solved - I had to double check the math problem and find out which is greater or less then the amount told. Fixed it with this
Detecion not working solved.PNG

Well I dunno exactly what your trying to do but… I can tell you the first two branches are not doing anything since true or false it continues. So they might as well not exists.

Well I updated it to make it just only listen on TRUE Have not yet tested it out but I’m making a Building game but they only got the option to slide it to y 9500 and y-9500 if it’s past the 2 potions it won’t move and if it goes below 175 meaning down it won’t go any where I have to make it so it can’t go above a position but that’s after I fix the problem.

Still having problems!