Problem with loading times

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I’m working on my game “Lyratha - Labyrinth, Survival, Escape” for almost 2 years now. It gets bigger and I get a much debated problem with the game’s loading times. It takes 5 minutes on an HDD hard drive now.
I have researched and I tried to get the memory usage out of the log files. I was able to optimize a lot. Now it is only 1.2 GB instead of 3.8 GB due to better loading of the levels. But if I start the game on a computer with an HDD hard drive instead of an SSD, the consumption increases to 2.2 GB RAM and still takes 5 minutes.
The log files are clear and it is not that much. Does anyone have any idea what else it could be? In any case, I do not think that it is because of the classes and the map that I use. The start map is empty and then switches to a loading screen.
The actual level is streamed then. However, the loading widget has already appeared in 3.5 minutes.

Any Idea? The game is offered as an “early access” on Steam and cannot be sold with such loading times.

Thank you
Lord Imperio

Any? It gets worse with every update

You can start a new blank project and start moving over small parts at a time.
Test inbetween major ports to see if the loading times are increasing or decreasing.

Ideally, after you move your first main level, all the required materials/instances/bp etc. I would already expect to see the same loading time issue - maybe you will, maybe you won’t.
it’s a good place to start though.

As far as what that does, well essentially nothing at all. However it’s not uncommon that project which get updated to different engine version break down or have issues that go unnoticed. Old engine .ini stuff and that sort of stuff.
So by doing this you weed out that possibility.

if after moving you get the exact same load times, then the issue isn’t with the project but with its content. That’s a lot harder to debug.

Also, keep in mind that the HDD you run matters. Could it be you are testing off an older perhaps even IDE setup? A decent Seagate blue shouldn’t have this sort of speed issues to begin with really…

Thanks for the answer, the idea sounds reasonable.
It’s a lot of work, but I’ll try it. To the point with the hard drive: The problem occurs more with customers.
It is not noticeable on my SSD.

Lord Imperio