Problem with loading blocking at 18%.

Hi !
Hello, I have a problem with Unreal engine 4.23 which blocks at 18% load. I’m working on a Mac book Pro OSX 10.13.6 What should I do ? Thank you.

What are the hardware specifications of your computer?

Mac Book Pro 2015
2,7 ghz I5
8go Ram
1536 Mo ( CG intel iris graphics)


PS : Twinmotion work perfect

8GB ram is kind of low for Unreal these days. The first time you open a large project it might take a while. You should leave it running and go get lunch or something or leave it running overnight if you have a super large project.

The next time you open the project it should load much faster. If you have already opened it once before.

Thank you. In fact, it’s the editor of the Unreal engine that once launched blocks at 18%. Do I have to wait?

Your computer does not meet the minimum requirements to run UE4

Ok ! Just 4.16 work good…
Thx for Reply

Work perfect, just wait a little bit…Thx.

Why would you say that without checking?
8gb RAM isn’t ideal but Epic clearly states it’s acceptable. Even integrated graphics is okay as long as it supports DX 11.

Supporting DirectX 11 is not an indicator of how powerful a GPU is, there have been DX11 GPU’s available for more than 10 years. When UE4 was originally released they had the GTX 660 as the minimum requirement, even with what’s available today, there isn’t an integrated Intel GPU that meets that requirement. So especially for him, the 2015 Macbook doesn’t come close to that. While the software might run, performance will be bad and likely would be too slow to be usable. There are some things that can be done to improve it though, like reducing the screen resolution, but I don’t know if it would help enough to make it usable.

We’re talking about minimum specs, which Unreal has officially posted in the link I shared, not recommended specs. I agree with you on the kind of computer someone should ideally have!

They used to have a specific GPU model listed as the minimum requirement. They likely removed mentions of specific GPU’s since it’s been so long that those GPU’s aren’t widely available and they didn’t want to update to list a current GPU which might confuse people that older GPU’s won’t run it. But again, there are no integrated Intel GPU’s that are capable of running UE4 well, that hasn’t changed. The integrated GPU’s are designed for people who only need the minimum graphics processing power necessary-average computer users-not game developers.

what unreal engine version should I use? I’m on a MacBook Air and I’m trying to run 4.26.1, but it’s not working. It’s getting stuck at initializing 18% and I’m starting to wonder if 4.26.1 is never going to work

Macbook air doesn’t have a supported GPU