Problem with Lerp, Slowing at height

So my problem is I have a Vector Lerp (that is activated on a right click then a raycast hitting an object), but as soon as my character gets to B the character has to wait a couple of seconds before moving again. The character moves through a collision box but i have tested it outside of a collision box and it still stops at B.

I use a timeline (on the left). Extremely confused, i am expecting gravity to kick in as soon as the lerp reaches B, but it doesn’t. :frowning:

EDIT: In case anyone else has this problem heres how i fixed it in the blueprint

The problem is that you keep calling GetActorLocation every time the timeline updates.
So the closer you get to the end the closer the lerp’s starting point is, soon you’ll be very close to the end but maybe half the lerp left to go.

Save the initial Actor Location in a variable before the timeline to lerp between.

I can’t believe i didnt think of that, it makes sense