Problem with layers in 2D side scroller

Hello everybody; It’s my first week on Unreal engine and I’m loving it; My first idea to learn some things is recreate the super metroid (SNES) game; at least a part of it; if i’m right I should create a lot of tilesets (done); and create the maps (done) im working with multiple layers tilemaps; and one of those layers is suppossed to stay in the first plane; I mean the main character must pass behind it; but…
As you can see that only works if some places of the map; I’ve discovered some things:
1- It’s not a layer problem; because when I move the tilemap around all the workspaces the spaces where the character can pass behind the textures swap places.
2 - It’s not a problem with the light, because I’ve deleted it.

Anyone have any idea about what’s happening?