Problem with latest Devkit. Trexes and Dodos have swapped spawn locations

Having a major problem with my mod that is spawning T-Rexes in mass instead of Dodo’s.

This is nothing I did as there are a few modders on the Steam forums having this same issue.

Is there a know problem of this and if so, is there a fix?


Sorry for the double post.

I noticed that the PrimalGameData has Remapped NPC’s - Dodo’s For Rex’s. Delete this and it should go back to normal

Thanks for the reply. Kinda new to this stuff. I assume the remap is inside of the PrimalGameData_BP?

Found it. The main PrimalGameData_BP is clean. It is the PrimalGameData_BP_GenericMod and any copies of it that have this remap.

Thanks for the tip.