Problem with Landscape

Currently working on a project and trying to use landscape for the foundation of our level. We encountered an issue with one version of terrain where the material editor broke and several holes appeared in it meaning that version of the landscape was unusable. My team decided it was best to make a new landscape and try again. At first this second landscape worked with no holes and our LDs able to add materials to the landscape with zero issues. However, after sculpting the landscape a bit and adding in a series of small divots and craters to help impact game play, we noticed that our players were just walking directly over the holes. What is wrong with our landscape and how can we fix it?

-what happens when you decrease the size of your characters capsule component
-click on the build button
-in the landscape details set the landscape collision thickness to something higher :slight_smile:

I’ve noticed that if the landscape gets nudged the collision doesn’t always follow with it. When you add a landscape and get it situated precisely where you want it, make sure to right-click it and under transform lock movement.