Problem with landscape

I have tried to create a simple map with only one landscape ( settings: Section size: 63x63 quads, section per component 1x1 section, number of component 8x8 and overall resolution 505x505 ) with texture forest taken from open world demo collection, and i have tested this in my sony xperia z2. The result is this: ( ). I can’t understand what the problem is. Can you hep me please?

Thanks all.

can someone help me?

I think we’ll need you to provide screenshot for your material nodes used for this landscape. Mobile platform has many limitation that you need to be aware of.

I have used forest material inside Open World collection

Without seeing a screenshot it is hard to know for sure what is causing this to happen. My best guess would be that the Material you are trying to use is to complex to be rendered on a mobile device and needs to be reduced in complexity.

Hi Leonraf88,

Below are two methods (recommended) of material node setup for mobile platform (standard devices targeting / targeting as much devices as possible)

Mobile’s GENERIC materials for quality (Default Lit)

Mobile’s GENERIC materials for performance (UN Lit)

*sorry for the wide image, was screenshot’d from my dual screen setup. The rifle is from the Dark scifi rifle from marketplace.

As you can see, it is recommended to keep the materials as simple as possible.

Try to setup your material node like any of those two above and perhaps you can tell us the result.

I have solved! This is a screenshot of open world collection Material . This is my new Mobile open world collection Material :

Thanks a lot!