Problem with Landscape/WorldComposition and packaging


I have packaged up my project for dev testing. I am using world composition with a tiled landscape for an open world project. It works in the engine just fine (after I “load” the streaming levels) but after packaging - the landscape doesn’t load. The objects placed in the persistent level work fine but I get no landscape.

I am using 4.26. I have a world comp layer that’s set to a full distance (200k) of my landscape as I intend to use LODs. It runs excellent in engine.

I know this is probably the noobiest thing (like do I need to switch something on other than enable world composition?) but I’m new to world composition and I had trouble finding anything on google or in the docs about why my landscape won’t load with the rest of the game outside of the engine.

Thanks for any suggestions

Your distance layer is probably way too far?
You should set the distance to the default and start increasing it from there on.

What may be happening is that the editor is capable of loading up into the ram everything you need while the shipped version cannot.

If thats not it, then you’ll probably find more info by looking at the output log.
You need to package as development and configure it to print out the log.

Likely the levels are silently failing to load, and the log would list the reason.

Some times the Build log will also list warnings that can help debug this.

As with almost anything world comp related you are entirely on your own.
There’s no real official tutorials or decent documentation except for stray “one off” tuts about specific problems when you can find them…
Trial and error is your best friend.

Thanks for the info!

Unfortunately I have tried the streaming distance a few ways and that doesn’t seem to be it. My level isn’t massive and I’ve put the sd to where the bounds is + a bit. I’ve tried it at default and I still get the same issue. I’ve looked through the log and I’m probably just not smart enough to see where any errors or warnings are occuring for my world.

I was thinking it’s something to do with the heirarchy of folders but then wouldn’t that mess up my in engine play?

Anyway, I’ll keep at it - and thanks for your input; much appreciated!

Not necessarily.

For instance if you build and deploy to Android the folder hierarchy works in PIE but upon deployment to the actual device.

Over several projects I was forced to move the levels out of a levels folder and into the project’s main folder (content).

Only way to find that error was to build a custom build that writes the log out and read the actual log. Painful to say the least, but also pretty immediate since the error was literally “could not load” or something similar…

  • using world comp tiles in mobile is kinda like suicide anyway in my personal experience.
    But there’s definitely an extra layer of complication to sort out if that’s what you are looking for.

For a desktop release - I’d really just take the same approach. Write out the log, analyze it to find the error…