problem with landscape weight-based material

I’m trying to use a weight-based material approach(diagram at A new, community-hosted Unreal Engine Wiki - Announcements and Releases - Unreal Engine Forums) to my new landscape(3 layers of low-ground,mid-grass and high-cliff slopes) but while things look good in the editor, after cooking and uploading I can’t seem to get the material to recognize and display all 3 base textures(all textures from game) correctly, the most I seem to get is just one layer(cliff).

I’ve tried rebuilding everything from a clean start to try to eliminate version related issues but I can’t seem to get a weight-based landscape material to display correctly. Took a look at ‘TheIsland’ landscape to look for working examples there and they are blend-based (no weight-based that I saw). Looking for any ideas on how to fix or to confirm if others trying this approach have the same problem or not.


In-editor(works showing weighted ground,grass,cliff layers)

After cook,upload and in-game(cliff layer is displaying but why aren’t ground,grass layers also?)

Hey! Ever find a trick to solving this? I’m having the same issue here.

sadly no - have given up on map making with new materials for now - might try again once game is out of alpha a year out and things have stabilized some and maybe more interest and development/documentation for the mod community in regards to map making with new elements as they interact with game level/material blueprints,etc.