Problem with Landscape Material created from World Creator 2 heatmaps [UE4]

Hi all,

I have a question about using Textures heatmaps exported from World Creator 2 in Unreal Engine 2. I’ve created landscape material and set heatmaps as below. LanscapeCoords Mapping scale is set to export resolution 4033,0.

In the Landscape Mode “Paint” section I’ve No weight-Blend layer 0 as a base and on top of it Weight-blended layer (normals) for the rest. I’ve also import all the specific heatmaps for each of the layers.

My question is how do I set the landscape material to see the textures (with colors) as they are in World Creator? I’m out of ideas and I do not know what am I doing wrong. I’m really new to Unreal Engine and appreciate all the help.

Big Thank you in advance.

This is how it looks in World Creator 2: