Problem with jump animation

Hi! I’m currently making the “Setting Up The Character Movement In Blueprints How to”. After I finish it I have a problem with the jump animation.

When I jump, the character elevates so is taking the jump event but not showing the jump animation. Instead shows the animation which is coming from before jumping; e.g. if I was walking and then jumped the character elevates but is walking while in the air, if I jump from idle position then keeps the idle animation while the character is in the air…

I rechecked the entire tutorial but I can’t find anything different… Any ideas?

Thanks in advance!

That’s a problem with your AnimBP.
Check if the Transition nodes from the animBP are correct, you should have a connection from any state that you wish you can jump from…

Iddle => Jump
Run => Jump


Every one of those conections has to have at least this logic

bJumping == true;

Check that, or update your question with the animation graphs to help you further

I found my problem long time ago, I was confused with variables. Because both had the same name but one was from the character and the other was from the AnimBP. Dumb mistake, careful when naming variables; lesson learned.

To be more precise, in the 5th step in this part of the tutorial I set the wrong variables according to what I explained before.