Problem with jet style vapor trails through Ribbon type particle system

Me and my programmer are banging our heads against the particle system.

We’re attempting to create a rudimentary vapor trail that spawns from the wings of our aircraft ingame.

Once we’re done our intent is to have the opacity fade in and fade back out before the particle dies, the problem we’re running into is that it appears that there is no connecting ribbon between the most recently spawned particle and the spawn point, as well we can not seem to find a setting to remedy this.

Surely Cascade is robust enough to support a simple feature like this, but I have found it nowhere in the documentation, is anyone else aware of a workaround?

From the documentation it doesn’t sound like there’s a ribbon that connects to the spawn point. Maybe ribbons aren’t the answer -wonder if using a more traditional particle setup would render better results. My gut says that contrail smoke doesn’t tend to feel ‘ribbony’ but is typically more cloud like.