Problem with iTunes

When i click to Package Project -> IOS I get information: Installing iTunes, It apperas that iTunes is not installed.

I have to install iTunes but my itunes is already installed.

I have Windows 8.1.

Best Regards
Paul Mroczek

I just fixed this for 4.7. They changed the location of the iTunes dlls with the latest versions.

psauer may You clarify what change to make iTunes working?

This was issue UE-8861 “Regression: Windows: Cannot deploy launch on or package for iOS with latest version of iTunes”, and it was fixed in the main branch in CL 2428754 and 2430651, and integrated into 4.7 in changelist 2431614. There is also a binary patcher available for 4.6 here:

Hi i have this problem with the 4.19 version… how it is possible ? How can i resolve ?

Are you using a version of the engine that you built from source? You can’t build from source if you want to build to an iOS device. Also check your project settings under iOS and see if your provisioning profiles and certificates are properly setup

Ok i’m following the Ios provisioning guide, thanks !

Sorry can i ask you a think ? I arrived here on the provisioning guide (Now, go to the iOS Certificates page on the Apple iOS Developer site and log in. Click the Add (plus sign) button to generate a new certificate). So when i log in i don’t see any plus button but i see just the getting started tips from apple.

You need to sign up for the apple developer program - it is 120 USD per year and then you will see the options.